DON A. HECKER is a criminal trial lawyer in the Greater Houston, Fort Bend and surrounding counties, who for 40+ years, offers all clients the opportunity to go to trial to maintain their innocence. Mr. Hecker offers a free initial consultation. His goal is to keep each client free from conviction and jail time.  Each fee includes trial by jury.

Over the span of his career, Mr. Hecker has honed his skills as an experienced trial lawyer. With a criminal case, it is imperative that one has representation not only by an attorney who is an experienced trial lawyer, but also one who is paid all the way through jury trial.  Mr. Hecker continuously offers a fee including trial by jury.  He often wins the case or gets a dismissal of the offense charged.  Many of Mr. Hecker’s cases are dismissed before trial, however, Mr. Hecker is ready to show the judge or jury the client is innocent.

During his many successful trials, he has gotten four capital murder cases dismissed. In 2016, he got a not guilty on a habitual 25 to life case.  As a “trial ready” experienced attorney, he gives each client the opportunity to go to trial before judge or jury, to maintain their innocence.

There are cases where the client desires that he or she does not wish to risk a jury trial.  Mr. Hecker has had many cases where the client has had two or more jury convictions, a habitual case, 25 to 99 years or life in prison.

There are times that a client decides that he or she wants to work a plead under the 25 to life range.  The decision is the client’s.  He tries to avoid final conviction and/or jail time.  The main desire is a good life for the client after the case is over.  Mr. Hecker has saved many lives, jobs and professions and kept many families together.  He has changed many lives to give them a second chance; one client has had two separate cases dismissed before trial. It took two years and he told Mr. Hecker, “You are amazing!”

He has a background helping people and makes their lives healthy and productive. He has fought for the rights of his clients in the courts. He is a winner.

Message from Don A Hecker